I had a fun time working on the film Valeria with Sundance alumna Erin Vassilopoulos at the Academy Mansion off Fifth Avenue. Special thanks to producer Emily Nan Iason and assistant director Jacqueline Christy.

Veep Episode 301 Airs

In Veep episode 301 “Some New Beginnings,” I react to Gary (Tony Hale), whose call is ignored by Selina. (Special thanks to Pat Moran and Associates and assistant director Dale Stern.)
Veep Episode 301

Wall Geek

DC Web Series

I’m starting a database of web series produced in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Here’s what I have so far. Please send me your additions and corrections!

Anacostia (drama)
Facebook IMDb Vimeo YouTube
Director: Anthony Anderson

Buddy Jackson (comedy)
website IMDb
Executive Producer: Barry Gribble

Cap South (comedy)
website IMDb YouTube
Producer: Rob Raffety

C.E.O. (drama)
Facebook Vimeo
Executive Producer: Antwon Temoney

Chasing Brianna (dramedy)
website Facebook YouTube
Producer: Elena Moscatt

City Sheets (dramedy)
Facebook YouTube
Producers: Aliece Savid, Ronita Morsell

Click! (comedy)
website Facebook
Creator: Chris Mueller

Click on This (talk show)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Creator/Director/Producer: Elena Moscatt

Confab (dramedy)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Creator/Developer/Writer/Showrunner: Erik Cieslewicz

Damned (drama)
IMDb Vimeo
Executive Producer: Kevin Troy

Drakul (drama)
IMDb Facebook
Executive Producer: Charles R. Young

DCLugiTV (comedy)
website YouTube
Actor/Writer/Director: Dave Coyne

Football 101 with Jackie Bean-Roberts (sports education)
Creator: Paul Franklin

Georgian Way (comedy)
Creator: Tracey McKoy

Global Culture (talk show)
IMDb YouTube
Executive Producer: Akinwale Ojomo

Half-Brothers (comedy)
Creator: Delante Sealey

I Love College (comedy)
Amazon Studios Facebook IMDb YouTube
Executive Producers: Brenda Snow, Corbin Wood

Lights, Camera, Action! (talk show)
Facebook IMDb YouTube
Executive Producer: Paul Mahood

Malice (sci-fi)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Director/Producer/Writer: Philip Cook
Executive Producers: Omar Attia, Susan Bousquet

Milgram and the Fastwalkers (sci-fi)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Executive Producer: Richard Cutting

No Strings, Please (dark drama-comedy)
website Facebook IMDb Vimeo YouTube
Executive Producer: Gemal Woods

Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden (drama)
website Facebook IMDb Vimeo YouTube
Creator: Otessa Ghadar

Pivot Point (drama)
website IMDb
Executive Producer: Brian Nesbit

Sources (suicide prevention)
website Facebook Vimeo YouTube
Writer/Director/Producer: Yasmin Shiraz

Stage Fright (comedy)
NBC4 Washington
Executive Producers: Claudia Myers, Kyle Brannon

The ABCs of Online Dating (comedy)
website Facebook YouTube
Producer/Writer/Director: Allison Howard

The Angle (documentary)
website Facebook
Creator/Director: Gemal Woods

The Broken Continent (fantasy)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Creator: Francis Abbey

The Cell (drama)
website IMDb Vimeo
Directors: Cesar Pujol, Bryan G. Thompson

Thurston (western)
website IMDb YouTube
Executive Producers: Kathryn O’Sullivan, Paul Awad

Toying with Jerry (comedy)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Producers: Michael Czogalla, Tara Garwood, Colin Heichman, Monica Mingo, Christina Mosser, Rich Volin

Wall Geek (dramedy)
website Facebook IMDb Vimeo YouTube
Executive Producer: Erik Mueller

DC Peer Awards

I was a Peer Host and On-Stage Assistant at the 2013 DC Peer Awards, which celebrates local excellence in media. The event was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Inside Web Series

I appeared in 5 episodes of Inside Web Series, a TV show on C31 Melbourne about the people who make web series and the web series production process.