Wall Geek

DC Web Series

I’m starting a database of web series produced in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Here’s what I have so far. Please send me your additions and corrections!

Anacostia (drama)
Facebook IMDb Vimeo YouTube
Director: Anthony Anderson

Buddy Jackson (comedy)
website IMDb
Executive Producer: Barry Gribble

Cap South (comedy)
website IMDb YouTube
Producer: Rob Raffety

C.E.O. (drama)
Facebook Vimeo
Executive Producer: Antwon Temoney

Chasing Brianna (dramedy)
website Facebook YouTube
Producer: Elena Moscatt

City Sheets (dramedy)
Facebook YouTube
Producers: Aliece Savid, Ronita Morsell

Click! (comedy)
website Facebook
Creator: Chris Mueller

Click on This (talk show)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Creator/Director/Producer: Elena Moscatt

Confab (dramedy)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Creator/Developer/Writer/Showrunner: Erik Cieslewicz

Damned (drama)
IMDb Vimeo
Executive Producer: Kevin Troy

Drakul (drama)
IMDb Facebook
Executive Producer: Charles R. Young

DCLugiTV (comedy)
website YouTube
Actor/Writer/Director: Dave Coyne

Football 101 with Jackie Bean-Roberts (sports education)
Creator: Paul Franklin

Georgian Way (comedy)
Creator: Tracey McKoy

Global Culture (talk show)
IMDb YouTube
Executive Producer: Akinwale Ojomo

Half-Brothers (comedy)
Creator: Delante Sealey

I Love College (comedy)
Amazon Studios Facebook IMDb YouTube
Executive Producers: Brenda Snow, Corbin Wood

Lights, Camera, Action! (talk show)
Facebook IMDb YouTube
Executive Producer: Paul Mahood

Malice (sci-fi)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Director/Producer/Writer: Philip Cook
Executive Producers: Omar Attia, Susan Bousquet

Milgram and the Fastwalkers (sci-fi)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Executive Producer: Richard Cutting

No Strings, Please (dark drama-comedy)
website Facebook IMDb Vimeo YouTube
Executive Producer: Gemal Woods

Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden (drama)
website Facebook IMDb Vimeo YouTube
Creator: Otessa Ghadar

Pivot Point (drama)
website IMDb
Executive Producer: Brian Nesbit

Sources (suicide prevention)
website Facebook Vimeo YouTube
Writer/Director/Producer: Yasmin Shiraz

Stage Fright (comedy)
NBC4 Washington
Executive Producers: Claudia Myers, Kyle Brannon

The ABCs of Online Dating (comedy)
website Facebook YouTube
Producer/Writer/Director: Allison Howard

The Angle (documentary)
website Facebook
Creator/Director: Gemal Woods

The Broken Continent (fantasy)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Creator: Francis Abbey

The Cell (drama)
website IMDb Vimeo
Directors: Cesar Pujol, Bryan G. Thompson

Thurston (western)
website IMDb YouTube
Executive Producers: Kathryn O’Sullivan, Paul Awad

Toying with Jerry (comedy)
website Facebook IMDb YouTube
Producers: Michael Czogalla, Tara Garwood, Colin Heichman, Monica Mingo, Christina Mosser, Rich Volin

Wall Geek (dramedy)
website Facebook IMDb Vimeo YouTube
Executive Producer: Erik Mueller